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Name:Femslash Minis
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States of America
Website:Femslash Minis on AO3
Posting Access:All Members
The Jossverse Femslash Minis has been a monthly(ish) girlslash ficswap since 2005. Every three weeks starts a new round, each highlighting either a different female character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, or Firefly; or a different theme chosen by popular vote from the participating authors. Since its inception, the authors of Femslash Minis have created hundreds of femslash stories, everything from your bread and butter Buffy/Faith to original fiction with cowgirl Slayers.


The basic boilerplates: Be civil. Don't post anything not related to the community. If you read it, feed it.


When posting your story, please put the story part under a cut or a link. We also require HEADERS here at femslash_minis! The header goes before the link to your story, and must contain at least these three things: TITLE, PAIRING, RATING. Failure to provide this information will result in the moderator becoming cranky. You may add additional information to your header; summary, spoilers, warnings (highly encouraged), etc. This is a fanfiction community, so we all know the 'verses and characters within do not belong to us, so you do not have to include a disclaimer to that effect unless doing so makes you happy.

Your stories will be tagged based on the main pairing in your story. It will look something like this: character: cordelia chase, character: kaylee frye, pairing: cordelia/kaylee. First and last name for the character tag; for the pairing tag, do not use last names, and always list the girls in alphabetical order. If there are more than two girls in your pairing, the pairing tag should be pairing: threesome. Making sure everything is properly tagged is part of my job, so I really appreciate it when you tag things yourselves. However, if you are unsure about how to tag, or if a tag you need has not yet been created, just leave it blank and I will fill it in later. No big.

Here is the standard signup form for a character round:

Female character you'd like paired with Buffy:
Three elements you'd like included:
Two things you don't want:
Range of ratings you'd like to read:

Email address:
Up to three characters you'd like to write with Buffy:
Other characters you're willing to write:
Up to three women you absolutely cannot write:
Can you write Firefly?
Anything else you can't write?

Anything else you'd like to add?

The signups will vary a bit from round to round, but this is what it should look like every time we're writing about Buffy, etc. Three elements you'd like included and Two things you don't want are completely subjective, and they give your writer inspiration and some clues as to what kind of story you're envisioning. When filling these sections out, do not write something overly specific.

GOOD: lilies, moonlight, established relationship
BAD: I want a story where Kendra is in a motorcycle gang and rescues Dawn from some hellhounds...

That is not fair to your author. Leave some room for them to breathe.

For the Anything else you can't write? field, put things like "fluff" or "noncon". If, say, you never watched Angel, do not put "characters from Angel" in that spot (put it in the Three women you absolutely cannot write field), because that is not where I look when I am matching you.

For writing your story:
  • There is no upper limit, but you have to write at least 500 words.
  • You have two weeks to finish your story.
  • If for some reason you cannot write your story, or it's gonna be late, let me know as soon as you can.

I know that is a lot of information, but now--as always--please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, what have you, by emailing me at carlyinrome AT gmail or by leaving a comment to any admin post.

Happy slashing!
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